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Video still of Illien and her son at the beach

Illien Avoids Eviction

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles At the height of the pandemic, Illien and her children nearly lost their home…

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Vivian & Erik

Atlanta Legal Aid When Vivian came to Legal Aid, she was seeking help for her great nephew, Erik. She saw…

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Joe’s Story

Community Legal Aid Joe’s daughter was being sexually abused in his ex’s home. Joe represented himself in court trying to…

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Legal Aid of Nebraska Brooklynn, a single mom, was facing eviction from her home. Legal Aid of Nebraska stepped in.

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Vanessa’s Story

Montana Legal Services Association MLSA helped Vanessa get Medicaid to cover needed care for her son with a disability.

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Legal Aid of Nebraska Diego, a child suffering from leukemia, and his family were living in an apartment infested with…

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Christina’s Story

Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago Today, Christina and her children are thriving.

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Brianna’s Story

Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago Brianna find her voice.

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